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It will take time, money, and knowledge to convert your basement into a guest room or a home in Calgary, AB. It’s tempting to DIY your basement renovation to save money. But in the end, working with a renovation contractor like Dena Development saves you time and raises the quality of your final project. Our qualified specialists will implement the basement remodeling process with us while making sure the work is finished on time and to your specifications.

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Characteristics of a Basement

A finished basement will, at the least, give you a warm underground space after several weeks to months of wall demolition, construction, electrical work, and insulation. Utilize this as a blank canvas to create an in-law flat, an artist studio or a rental house. A finished basement can include a kitchen, a bathroom, or even a sauna. If you use your basement to its full potential, your house will expand and increase in value.

What Materials to Choose for a Basement Development

When choosing the elements for your basement remodeling, stay inside your restoration budget. Make assurance to take the dampness level in the basement into account while making savings. While putting carpet might be less expensive than installing hardwood, if both entail laying a subfloor, you might opt for a different basement restoration technique. Within a small basement with a limited budget, a concrete floor can be painted over to add color and personality without running the risk of mold growth.

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